The Workshop of Dreams

The Workshop of Dreams

The Workshop of Dreams is a creative journey that brings together four of Spain’s most exciting architects and designers, with inspiring talents from diverse cultural fields, in a celebration of Spanish creativity and craftsmanship with wood. Each piece designed throughout the workshop and included in the subsequent exhibition at Fundació Enric Miralles were all made in a variety of sustainable American hardwoods.

The design process typically begins with a client who has an idea or a clear necessity of a space, or an object.

"Please design a three-bedroom house." "Our city needs a new library". "I would like to have a new coat."

Each after which enter professionals to investigate the problem, obtain possible solutions and prepare the necessary documents for its execution. But what happens when this linear process is subverted, and the roles of the client and the professional become intertwined? What happens when creators and inspirers work together to define both the problem and the solution?

The result is The Workshop of Dreams. A collection of unique and innovative pieces designed by: Martha Thorne + Benedetta Tagliabue, Javier Cercas + RCR Arquitectes, Juan Luis Arsuaga + Jacob Benbunan, Juan Mari y Elena Arzak + Izaskun Chinchilla. Alongside the support and guidance of the American Hardwood Export Council.



Benedetta Tagliabue
Martha Thorne


Nazaret Busto Rodriguez
Andrea Martínez
Gabriele Rotelli


Roberta Landino
Anna Vilà


Javier Cercas
RCR Arquitectes
Juan Luis Arsuaga
Jacob Benbunan
Juan Mari y Elena Arzak
Izaskun Chinchilla


IE School of Architecture and Design
Hay Festival Segovia


American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC)


La Navarra Carpintería