On the Table

On the Table

Free association of the districted gaze

"It is phenomenal that way of working in which the image appears and disappears in such a vertiginous way "1.

On the Table is an exhibition that reveals the work behind the architectural projection of Enric Miralles together with his studio.

His work is not a series, it is not to be understood through individual projects, but is a whole object broken down into various places, situations, times, materials, companies, styles and moments.

On the Table shows the method conceived and perfected by the architect and its execution through different plastics and modes of representation. In this way, it shows the discrete codes, repetitions and dialogues that exist within the totality of the work.

The projection of perspectives, the breakdown of the object on paper, its distortion through photomontages, its physical construction to then be deconstructed again generates the constant conversation that unifies all the fragments and points of view of the various projects into pieces of the same discourse.


1.Ref - Enric Miralles, a portrait of Giaccometti 1995.



Benedetta Tagliabue



Guillem Rosal

Caterina Miralles

Ilia Celento


Fundació Enric Miralles